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  • 经典成语英语故事:仕数不遇


      There was a scholar in the Zhou Dynasty who had tried several times in his life to seek for an official post, but failed again and again till his temples turned white.   周朝有个读书人,一生中几次谋求做官,可是直到两鬓斑白仍然没有做成。   One day, as he was walking on the road, he look...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:一孔之见


      Once upon a time, there was a bird-catcher who liked to cast a net to catch birds.   古时候,有个捕鸟的人,喜欢张网捕鸟。   One day, seeing that birds would fly past, he immediately cast his net and waited patiently.   一天,他看见鸟儿将要从这里飞过,于是立刻布下了罗网,耐心地等待。   After a while...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:东食西宿


      In ancient times, a girl in the State of Qi had reached marriageable age. Two families delivered betrothal gifts to propose marriage.   古时候,齐国有位姑娘,已经到了应该出嫁的年龄。有两户人家送来聘礼求婚。   In the family on the east, the young man was short and ugly, but the family was...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:谁坐上座


      A long time ago, the kitchen chimney of a family was built so straight that when cooking meals, the flames came right out, while there was a big heap of firewood just in front of the opening of the range.   从前,有一户人家的厨房烟囱砌得实在太直了,所以做饭的时候,火焰直冒;而在灶门前,却又偏偏堆了一大...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:井中捞月


      A long time ago, there was a Bo Luo Nai City in the State of   Jia Shi. Outside the city was a large forest, where 500 macaques   lived.   很久以前,在伽尸国有一座波罗奈城。城外有一片大森林,森林里生活着五百只称猴。   One night the 500 macaques wandered around and came to a   ni ju lu...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:群蚁观鳌


      In the vast East China Sea, there was a huge turtle. It carried the Penglai Fairy Mountain on its head, floated and swam in the great sea, sometimes soaring into the sky and sometimes diving to the bottom of the sea.   浩瀚的东海里,有一只大鳌,它头顶着蓬莱仙山,在大海中浮游,有时飞腾跃上云...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:骗猎遭黑


      The deer feared the leopard cat, the leopard cat feared the tiger, and the tiger the brown bear.   鹿害怕驱,驱害怕老虎,老虎害怕黑。   The brown bear resembled the fox but was bigger in size. It had long fur on its head, and could stand up like man. It had great streng...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:杯弓蛇影


      Yue Guang was very hospitable. One day he invited a friend to have a drink in his hall.   乐广很好客。有一天,他邀请朋友在大厅里喝酒。   While drinking, his friend thought he caught a glimpse of a small snake swimming around in his cup. Though disgusted, he swallowed the win...

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  • 经典成语英语故事:对牛弹琴


      Gong Mingyi was a famous musician in ancient times, who played the lute very well.   公明仪是古代一位很有名的音乐家,弹得一手好琴。   One day, while playing the lute indoors, Gong Mingyi saw a cow eating grass leisurely outside the window. He had a sudden whim to play some me...

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  • 英语绘本故事:狼和七只小山羊


      There was once upon a time an old goat who had seven little kids, and loved them with all the love of a mother for her children. One day she wanted to go into the forest and fetch some food. So she called all seven to her and said, "Dear children, I have to...

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  • 英语绘本故事:Look for a Friend

    英语绘本故事:Look for a Friend

      Sam is a little fish. He lives in the sea. He is very lonely. He wants to have a friend. The friend looks like him. Sam sees an ink fish. The ink fish has eight legs. He doesn’t look like Sam. So Sam goes away. Sam meets a shark. He wants to say hello to th...

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  • 英语绘本故事:粪堆里的小鸟


      A little bird fly to south for the winter. It was very cold, almost frozen bird. Hence, fly to a large space, after a cow there, in a pile of cow dung upon the bird, frozen bird lying on the dunghill, feel very warm, gradually recovered, it is warm and comf...

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  • 英语绘本故事:金丝雀与蝙蝠


      A bird was confined in a cage outside a window. She often sang at night when all other birds were asleep.   One night a bat came. He asked the bird why she was silent by day and sang only at night.   The bird answered, “Last year when I was singing in t...

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  • 英语绘本故事:Something Is Wrong with Your Cars

    英语绘本故事:Something Is Wrong with Your Cars

      Robert was a clever young man and got on well with his classmates .They all liked him and played with him though he often boasted .He was strong and often had sports .He hoped to join the army when he left the middle school .Bad luck !His leg was hurt in a...

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  • 英语绘本故事:A fox and a goat

    英语绘本故事:A fox and a goat

      A fox one day fell into a deep well and could find no means of escape. a goat, overcome with thirst, came to the same well, and seeing the Fox, inquired if the water was good. Concealing his sad plight under a merry guise, the Fox indulged in a lavish prais...

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  • 英语绘本故事:A Clever Panda

    英语绘本故事:A Clever Panda

      A little panda picks up a pumpkin and wants to take it home. But the pumpkin is too big. The panda can’t take it home.   一只小熊猫捡起一个南瓜,想把它带回家。但是南瓜太大了。熊猫不能把它带回家。   Suddenly she sees a bear riding a bike toward her. She watches the bike. “I know! I have a g...

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  • 英语绘本故事:I’ll Play an Old Alluring Woman

    英语绘本故事:I’ll Play an Old Alluring Woman

      Mrs Jenkins is a woman of forty .Her husband is a famous doctor and works in a big hospital in the city .The man is very busy .So he told his wife who was a nurse in his office to resign her job .The woman stays at home now .She does all housework and look...

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  • 英语绘本故事:At Least I’m Not Lost

    英语绘本故事:At Least I’m Not Lost

      Rechard has lived in a city since he was born .Now he ia sixteen and studies in a middle school .He didn’t go out of the city until he and his friends had a picnic in a cool village last summer .   雷查德从出生起就住在一个城市里,现在他16岁了,在一所中学读书。直到去年夏天他和朋友们在一个凉爽的村庄野餐,他才走...

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  • 英语绘本故事:Quarrel for a comb 为梳子争吵

    英语绘本故事:Quarrel for a comb 为梳子争吵

      There are two monks. They are not brothers but they live in the same house. Every morning they go out to look for some food.   有两个和尚,他们不是兄弟却住在同一间房子里。每天早上他们都到外面寻找吃的。   One day, they go out very early. They are on a road to a village. It is too early and...

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  • 英语绘本故事:快乐的人


      快乐的人   A HAPPY MAN   One day in spring, Wang Liangbin called his servant to him.   春天里的一天,王亮宾把他的仆人叫到跟前。   "How many pounds of snails did you buy?"   "你买了多少磅蜗牛?"   "200 pounds, sir."   "200磅,主人。"   "Did you buy birds?"   "鸟也买了吗?"   "Yes,...

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  • 少儿英语小故事:小猪搬西瓜 The pig & Watermelon

    少儿英语小故事:小猪搬西瓜 The pig & Watermelon

      In spring, the mother pig took the little pig LuLu to the foot of the mountain. They planted some watermelon.   When summer came, there were many big round watermelons in the field.   One day, the sun was burning like a fire, it was terribly hot on the...

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  • 经典寓言英语故事:鲫鱼求救


      Zhuang Zhou's family was poor. Once, he went to the official who supervised rivers to borrow some grain. The official said: "Well, wait until the end of the year when I collect the taxes from the people, then I will lend you 300 gold pieces. All right?"  ...

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  • 经典寓言英语故事:老猫


      An old woman had a cat. The cat was very old; she could not run quickly, and she could not bite, because she was so old. One day the old cat saw a mouse; she jumped and caught the mouse. But she could not bite it; so the mouse got out of her mouth and ran a...

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  • 经典寓言英语故事:牧童和狼


      A Shepherd-boy, who tended his flock not far from a village, used to amuse himself at times in crying out "Wolf! Wolf!" Twice or thrice his trick succeeded. The whole village came running out to his assistance when all the return they got was to be laughed...

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  • 经典名人故事:Swear not to come again

    经典名人故事:Swear not to come again

      One day, the French famous writer Tristan Bernard went to a restaurant for dinner. But he was not verysatisfied with the food.   一天,法国著名作家特里斯坦·伯纳德去一家餐馆吃饭。但他对食物不太满意。   "Bring the manager." He said to the waiter after paying the bill.   “把经理带来。”他付账后对服务员...

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  • 经典名人故事:Whose horse

    经典名人故事:Whose horse

      Once a neighbor stole one of Washington's horse. Washington horse back. But the neighbor refused to give the horse back. He said that it was his horse.   有一次一个邻居偷了华盛顿的一匹马。华盛顿马回来了。但是邻居拒绝把马还给他。他说那是他的马。   Suddenly Washington had a good idea. He put both of...

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  • 少儿英语小故事:小金鱼


      I have nine little goldfish .Eight goldfish are all orange and one is black .I like the black one best. We call it Xiao Hei .Its body is black .It has two big and round eyes, a small mouth ,and a big tail. Though it's very small ,it swims fast .   我有九条小金鱼...

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  • 少儿英语小故事:铁匠与小狗The Blacksmith And Dog

    少儿英语小故事:铁匠与小狗The Blacksmith And Dog

      Those who will not work deserve to starve.   A Blacksmith had a little Dog, which used to sleep when his master was at work, but was very wide awake indeed when it was time for meals. One day his master pretended to be disgusted at this, xiaogushi8.com an...

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  • 少儿英语小故事:乐极生悲


      laugh out of the other side of your mouth   乐极生悲   Chunyu Kun (淳于髡) lived in the state of Qi (齐国) during the Warring States Period (战国,475-221 BC).He was wise, humorous and eloquent. He skillfully advised the king on many occasions and successfully went...

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  • 少儿英语小故事:这是我的包It’s My Bag

    少儿英语小故事:这是我的包It’s My Bag

      It’s Sunday. There are many people in the bus. And an old man is looking here and there. He wants to find an empty seat. Then he finds one. He goes to it. A small bag is on the seat. And a young man is beside it.   今天是周末,公共汽车上有许多人。一位老人站在车上到处看,他想要找到一个空的座位。...

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  • 英语故事短文:My Clever Dog

    英语故事短文:My Clever Dog

      I have a lovely dog named Bobby.He looks pretty with short legs,big ears and short tail.He is my good friend and he is also easy to take care of.I walk him at least twice a day,feed him and spend time with him.He also gives his love to me in return.   我有一...

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  • 英语故事短文:A bundle of sticks

    英语故事短文:A bundle of sticks

      A man once had four sons who never stopped quarrelling with one another. He was always telling them how much easier life would be if they worked together but they took absolutely no notice of him. One day he decided to show them what he meant.   一个男人曾经有四个...

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  • 英语故事短文:聪明的乌龟


      A tiger is hungry, he is looking for food. He sees a frog in front of him. “Ha ha! A frog! My dinner!” so he rushes at the frog.   老虎饿了,他在找食物。他看见一只青蛙在他前面。“哈哈!一只青蛙!我的晚餐!”于是他向青蛙冲去。   Behind the tiger, there is a tortoise. The little tortoise sees it; he b...

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  • 英语故事短文:The Clever King Solomon

    英语故事短文:The Clever King Solomon

      Long, long ago, there was a king. Solomon was his name. He was very clever.In his country, there were two women. They lived in the same house and each had a child.One night, one of the babies died. The dead baby’s mother took the other woman’s baby, and put...

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  • 英语故事短文:收音机和电视机


      说到电视机想必大家都见过,但收音机有人知道但不一定会用吧。现在的网络条件比之前好,以至于现在很多年轻人都忽视了收音机,下面来看看今天的双语故事短文:收音机和电视机。 Radio and television are very popular in the world today. Millions of people watch TV. Perhaps more people listen to the radio.   现在,收音机和电视机在世界上都很流行。数以百万计的人看电视。也许听收音机的人更多。...

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