• 英语超级幽默小故事


      英语幽默小故事   Midway Tactics   Three competing store owners rented adjoining shops in a mall. Observers waited for mayhem to ensue.   The retailer on the right put up huge signs saying, "Gigantic Sale!" and "Super Bargains!"   The store on the left rais...

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  • 两个简单的英语小故事


      看故事学英语, 今天作文啦为大家分享两篇有意思的英语小故事:The Thirsty Pigeon 口渴的鸽子和The Goat and the Goatherd 山羊与牧羊人 ,两篇小故事都有各自深刻的含义,大家在阅读的同时可以慢慢体会,希望大家可以喜欢。   1. The Thirsty Pigeon 口渴的鸽子   A PIGEON, oppressed by excessive thirst, saw a goblet of water painted on a signboard.   N...

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  • 有趣的幼儿英语小故事


      学习英语的途径有很多,通过英语小故事学英语是最受孩子的喜欢的学习方法。熟读儿童英语小故事可以让儿童更早接触英语,并且英语小故事比较有趣,儿童们会对英语产生兴趣,这样有利于他们以后的英语学习。下面,作文啦小编就为大家介绍一些经典的英语小故事供家长和孩子学习参考。   The Trees and the Ax(树与斧头)   Once upon a time a man came into a forest.He said to the trees,“Will you give me a piece of...

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  • 英语笑话故事中英文对照


      我们看惯了中文的笑话故事,英文的笑话可以让你笑出来吗?在紧张的学习之余,看看英语的笑话,不仅可以放松心情,也可以在休闲的时候学英语。一举两得,还能感受英语文化与东方文化的差异。想要看英语笑话?那就往下看吧。   1.Sleeping Pills   Bob was having trouble getting to sleep at night. He went to see his doctor, who prescribed some extra-strong sleeping pills....

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  • 一些有趣的英语小故事


      我们从小就开始进行英语的学习,直到现在可能很多人对于英语的学习会有所倦怠,提不起兴趣。其实,我们在英语的学习过程中可以通过一些有趣的英语小故事更好地对词汇、语法进行掌握。在此我就给大家讲几个有趣的小故事,供大家参考学习。   一: Weather Predict A film was on location deep in the. One day an old Indian went up to the director and, "Tomorrow rain." The next day it rai...

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  • 英语故事:士兵的高招


      教育家苏霍姆林斯基说:“教师如果不想方设法使学生产生情绪高昂和智力振奋的内心状态,而只是不动感情的脑力劳动,就会带来疲倦。”所以在我们学习英文过程中,阅读一些有趣的小故事,既可以培养学习英文的兴趣,又可以学到必备的知识。今天给大家分享的英文故事是:士兵的高招。   A Soldier's Brilliant Idea (士兵的高招)   Mr. Robinson had to travel somewhere on business, and as he was in a hurry, he deci...

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  • 简单英语故事带翻译:点金术


      Midas,son of the GREat goddess of ida,by a hero whosename is not remembered ,was a pleasureloving king of macedonian bromium,where he ruled over the brigians and planted his famous rose gardens.   One day,the old hero silenus,dionysus' former teacher,happ...

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  • 英语故事:一个坏印象


      多读一些英语故事,不仅可以掌握一些语言知识而且可以提高语言素养,进而可以帮助我们提高英文阅读水平。今天要给大家介绍的幽默有趣的英语故事是:A Bad Impression(一个坏印象),希望对大家的英文学习有所帮助。   A Bad Impression(一个坏印象)   Six people were travelling in a compartment on a train. Five of them were quiet and well behaved, but the sixth was...

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  • 简单的英语小故事:中国熊猫


      Story 1The Panda in China   A panda looks like a little bear. It has black and white fur. It lives only in China, so it is called the national treasure of China and protected by the law.   We all see panda on TV or in the zoo. They look stupid and walk...

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  • 简单英语故事带翻译:狼来了


      Long long ago, there was a shepherd boy who grazed sheep on a hill everyday.   One day the boy felt a little lonely and wanted to make fun of the farmerslaboring at the foot of the hill. So he climbed up a big stone, and shouted: "wolves have come! wolves...

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  • 简单英语小故事:乌鸦的羽毛


      英语学习不好,对英语不感兴趣,想必是让爸爸妈妈们很苦恼的问题吧。其实只要找对方法就能迎刃而解了。而对于孩子们学英语最好的方法之一就是讲英文故事。孩子刚开始接触英语,爸爸妈妈可从简单的小故事开始讲起。下面小编为大家推荐的英文故事的情节简单,语言非常简练,一起来看看吧: A RAVEN saw a Swan and desired to secure for himself the same beautiful plumage.   Supposing that the Swan's splendid whi...

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  • 经典幽默英语故事:走私犯


      经典幽默英语故事:走私犯   有趣而幽默的故事总是能吸引人的注意力,唤起人们的学习兴趣,兴趣是学习得以真正发生的基本条件,故事集知识性、趣味性、 文化性和思想性于一体,所以通过读故事也可以达到学习的目的。下面作文啦给大家分享一篇英语故事:走私犯。   英文短文:   A Smugglar   The suspicious-looking man drove up to the border, where he was greeted by a sentry. When the guard lo...

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  • 简单英语故事:四只老鼠


      Once upon a time, there were four mice that lived in a wall in the field.   Summer was coming, and so the mice came out of the wall to collect berries, nuts, corn and straw. Everyone was working very hard, day and night.   Everyone was working very hard...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:它们是从美国直接带来的


      Not long after an old Chinese woman came back to China from her visit to her daughter in the States, she went to a city bank to deposit the US dollars her daughter gave her. At the bank counter, the clerk checked each note carefully to see if the money was...

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  • 简单英语小故事:疯狂的万圣节


      After the stealing of fire,Zeus became increasingly unkind to men.One day he   ordered his son Hephaestus to build an image of a beautiful maiden out of clay.He then asked the gods and goddesses to award her with different kinds of gifts.A charming young...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:女士优先


      Lady First 女士优先 A   teacher asked her class: "Is the sentence ' The ox and the cow are in the fields' correct?" Most of the children said: "Yes, it is all right!" And only one little boy said: "No, it is not correct. The lady must be mentioned first."女士优先...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:迟到的原因


      The Reason of Being Late   eacher: Johnny, why are you late for school every morning?   Johnny: Every time I come to the corner, a guidepost says, 'School -- Go Slow'.   迟到的原因   老 师:约翰尼,为什么你每天早晨都迟到?   约翰尼:每当我经过学校附近的拐角处,就见路牌上写着‘学校-缓行’。...

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  • 英语幽默故事:送给女友的礼物


      Present for Girlfriend   At a jewelry store, a young man bought an expensive locket as a present for his girlfriend. "Shall I engrave her name on it?" the jeweler asked.The customer thought for a moment, and then said, "No-engrave it ‘To my one and only l...

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  • 英语小故事:晚饭后我从不工作


      A penny-pinching farmer didn’t want his hired hand to stop working. One morning, he told the farmhand, “It’s such a nuisance to come in from the field, wash up for lunch and take time to eat. Why don’t we save time and eat lunch now?”   The hired man agre...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:十块糖 Ten Candies

    英语幽默小故事:十块糖 Ten Candies

      Ten Candies   Mother asks her son, “Jim, if you have ten candies, and you eat four, then how many candles do you have?”   “Ten.” Jim says.   “Then,” Mother asks.   “Yes, Mum. Four candles are in my stomach and six candies are out of my stomach. Four...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:老年公民坐巴士


      My husband,Michael,a bus driver,was passing a deserted bus stop when one of his passengers called out that a woman wanted to get on.  He pulled up to the curb and opened the doors.   我丈夫,麦克是个开大巴士的。一次当他刚要开过一个无人上下车的车站时,一位乘客喊过有位老妇人要上车。麦克把车停靠在马路边,打开了车门。...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:画蛇添足 Adding Feet to a Snake

    英语幽默小故事:画蛇添足 Adding Feet to a Snake

      Adding Feet to a Snake   One day, Mr. Lion holds a party. Many animals come and drink a lot of wine. At last there is a pot of wine. Who can drink it? They drink out an idea and decide to have a match-Draw a snake. If you finish first, you can get it.  ...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:让鲜花代替您的语言


      A gentleman entered a busy florist shop that displayed a large sign that read "Say It With Flowers".   "Wrap up one rose,"he told the florist."Only one?"the florist asked." Just one,“the customer replied.“I'm a man of few words. "  一位先生走进一家生意兴隆的商店。他见...

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  • 英语幽默小故事:是pig还是witch


      A man is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road. a woman is driving down the same road.   As they pass each other, the woman leans out of the window and yells "pig!!"The man immediately leans out of his window and replies, "witch!!"They each continue on...

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  • 英语幽默故事:妻子的欲望


      A woman and her husband were out shopping when she realized that she needed to purchase some hair color for her graying hair   一位女士在与他的丈夫购物时,她意识到她该为她的灰白头发买些染发水了。   "The day that you're inaugurated,"the wife replied.“   那就要等到你就职的那天了。”妻子说。   "When are...

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  • 英语幽默故事:医生住在楼下


      "Doctor," she said loudly, bouncing into the room, "I want you to say frankly what's wrong with me."   “医生”她冲进屋后大声说道。“我想让你坦率地说我到底得了什么病。”   He surveyed her from head to foot. "Madam," he said at length, "I've just three things to tell you. First, your we...

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  • 英语幽默故事:生日来临之际


      For her 82nd birthday,I surprised my grandmother with a birthday greeting signed by the President. (Upon request,this service is available to seniors over 80.)When I asked grandma how she felt receiving a card from the White House,she had a ready answer. "T...

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  • 英语幽默故事:狼的故事


      After two sleepless nights in a noisy campground,my wife and I were dreading another evening of radios and singslongs. Then a middle-aged couple pulled into the space beside us. While the wife prepared dinner,her husband mounted two huge loud speakers on th...

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  • 英语幽默故事:有趣的假设


      Not long after my sister's wedding,one of my father's colleagues and his wife dropped in to see Mom and Dad.The guests had not been invited to the wedding, so when the woman said,”I'm sorry I didn't get over to the church the other day,”Mom assumed she mean...

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  • 英语小故事短文:不知情的画家


      Painstaking painter was hired to paint a wall of the palace .A panel would judge his painting a week later.   Before work, the painter had collected many pamphlets about the palace.He noticed that the palace’s ceiling had a carved panel. He drew a draft o...

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  • 英语小故事短文:男孩和钉子


      Once there was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the fence.   从前,有一个小男孩,他的脾气很坏。他的父亲送给他一袋钉子。告诉他说,他每发一次火,就必须将一颗钉子钉在栅栏上。   The first day the boy...

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  • 英语幽默故事:逼真的戏剧


      When I taught the introduction-to-theater course at North Dakota State University, I required my students to attend the university theater‘s current production and write a critique. After viewing a particularly fine performance, one student wrote: "The play...

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  • 英语幽默故事:园艺手套


      For months I hinted that I needed a new wedding ring, since I had developed an allergy to gold. On my birthday, while I was gardening, my husband asked me for gift suggestions. I held my hands up and said, "Well, you‘ll notice that my hands are bare."   几...

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  • 英语幽默故事:买帽子


      A lady went to a hat shop to buy a hat. As she was very fussy, it took her a long time to pick on one。   一位妇女到一家帽子店买帽子。她很挑剔,用了很长时间才选好了一顶。   Already at the end of his patience the salesman was afraid that she might change her mind again so he tried to fl...

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  • 英语幽默故事:我能得到什么


      Teacher: If I cut a beefsteak in half and then cut the half in half, what do I get?   老师:如果我把一块牛排切成两半的两半,我能得到几块儿?   Tommy: Quarters.   汤米:四块。   Teacher: And then if I cut it twice again?   老师:那我要是再切两次,我能得到什么呢?   Tommy: Hamburger.   汤米:汉堡。...

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