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1. She is good at (物理) and math.

2. I want to know how to learn (化学)well.

3 The teacher asked us to take (笔记) carefully.

4.My English teacher asked Mike and me to make a (谈话) about shopping.

5.One of the (秘诀)to English learning is reading aloud every day.

6. A kind man is not always (有耐心的).

7 The teacher wrote down two (句子) on the blackboard and asked me to read them.

8. I asked the teacher to (重复) that question.

9.We learn that Columbus (发现) America in1492 from the history book.

10. Jane listened to her mom’s story with a happy (表情).

11.The (速度)of the fastest train in China is over 350 kph.

12. I won’t to find a (搭档) to practice English with.

13. The number of the students has (增加) since last year.

14. We all think that he is a (天生的) singer.

15.People who learn (明智地) and well will achieve their dreams more easily.

16. He can’t (发音) some of the words.

17. It s a good idea to (复习)what you learned.

18.When you have any problems, you should ask the teachers for help because you know (知识) comes from questioning.

19.Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn (树叶).

20.Tea plants are (广泛地) grown in the south of China now.

21. Lisa is used to her (日常的) life.

22. The (交通) here is very busy on weekend.

23. The calm water (表面) is very much like a mirror.

24.When talking to British people,we should (避免) subjects like age,weight or money.

25.The (当地的) government is trying to take action to protect the environment.

26. On (圣诞节)Eve , the Smiths had a big dinner.

27. I have bought a scarf as my mother’s birthday (礼物).

28. Our boss (招待) us to dinner after work yesterday.

29. We can see all kinds of flowers in the (花园).

30. The (小说)is very interesting. I’ve read it several times.

31. I ll ask one of my (亲戚) to look after the children.

32. I gave ten (英镑) in payment for the goods I bought.

33. The thief always (偷) things at night.

34. (无论谁) did this will be punished sooner or later.

35. Nan Qian (仰慕) her piano teacher very much.

36. I m new here and I don t know the (方向) to the Tian’an Men Square.

37. You can find the library in the (中心的) street.

38. We have many (课程) to learn at high school.

39. The dentist (建议) that he should come another day.

40. It s very (方便的) to go to Taiwan from the mainland of China by air now.

41. I am interested in collecting (票).

42. He came over and sat (在…旁边) me.

43. Tom (邮寄) Mary a postcard every year.

44. I don t like a house without a (浴室).

45. Choose the (正确的) one from these words.


1.(2019贵州安顺中考) The more an eraser is used,the (small) it gets.

2. After finishing (do) your homework, you can have a good rest.

3.Would you tell me the (pronounce)of the new word?

4. If you want to be a good teacher, you need to have enough


5.(2019贵州贵阳中考) Guiyang is developing so (quick) that more and more graduates choose to work here.

6. The boy has the (able) to ride a bike this year.

7. My sister became (interest )in painting and dreamed of being a painter.

8. She is a clever girl and she always answers the teacher s questions (active ).

9.I don t know how (solve )the big problem, so I’m going to ask an expert for help.

10. You should pay attention to (listen) to the teachers in class.

11.Although he is tired, he still keeps (work).

12. The girl has to practice ( play )the piano every day.

13.It’s important for us to use natural resources (wise).

14.My parents are very (patience) with me.

15.It’s necessary (review ) your lessons on time.

16.Do you learn English by (make) word cards?

17.My English teacher has some good ways (learn) English.

18.Can you understand the (mean) of the sentence?

19.The machines in the factory nearby were working so (loud) that I didn t have a good sleep last night.

20.The people all over the world have known the great doctor (call) Zhong Nanshan again.

(decide )about medical treatment will be discussed in today’s meeting.

21. I know from (person ) experience how difficult this kind of work is.

22. Our life is certainly much (good) than it was five years ago.

23. It s a wonderful (feel)to be at home after such a long and tiring trip.

24. The job (require)a lot of time and energy isn t suitable for a mother like you.

25. He opened the door and found a letter (lie )on the floor.

26. Her sister hasn t come back, so her parents look (real) worried.

27. Lily is very kind and she always treats others in a (friend) way.

28. His grandpa has been (die)for ten years.

29. Many thanks for your (kind).

30. As far as I know, Chinese is (wide)spoken all over the world.

31. We shouldn t buy things ( make )of ivory.

32. Several years ago, lots of (postman)lost their jobs. They had to find some other jobs.

33.She tried to avoid (meet)him because he always bored her.

34. Sorghum(高梁) is (grow )in both North China and South China.

35. They had trouble (find) the way to the hotel, so they called the police.

36. Look at your table. It is (cover ) with dust. You must clean it at once.

37.It usually takes him half an hour (get) to school on foot.

38. When we got to the top of the mountain, we were attracted by the

(beautiful) of the view.

39.Money can t buy everything. For example, it can t buy (happy) and health.

40.Not all (strange) are dangerous.We may try to trust some of them.

41.After she s gotten over her (shy),she became very outgoing.

42.—Do you like watching these TED (speech) online?

—Yes.I ve learned a lot from them.

43.My parents have bought me a lot of (help) books in math till now.

44.He gave us a short (introduce) about his company.

45. It is (polite) of you to shout at others even if you are angry

46. We know Lincoln is not only a president but also a great (speak).

47.Can you help me buy some (grape )from the supermarket?

48. Could you please tell me where (park) my car?

49. The houses in the (center) part of the city are very expensive.

50. Our teachers request us (follow)the school rules.

51. It is (directly )of her to point out your mistakes.

52. When it is (crowd )in the street, walking is a good choice.

53. During the holiday, the staff in the shopping mall (be)always busy serving the customers.

54. (normal), Chinese people are friendly to tell you the directions.

55. I suggest (have) a surprising party for my mother.


一、1.physics 2. chemistry 3. notes

4. conversation 5. secrets 6. patient

7. sentences 8. repeat 9. discovered

10. expression 11. speed 12. partner

13. increased 14. born 15. wisely

16. pronounce17. Christmas 18. present

19. treated 20. garden 21. novel

22. review 23. knowledge.24.leaves

25.widely 26.everyday/daily 27.traffic

28.surface 29.avoid 30.local 31. relatives

32. pounds 33. steals 34. Whoever

35. admires 36. direction 37. central

38. course39. suggests 40. convenient

41.stamps 42. beside 43. mails 44. bath

45. correct

二.1. smaller 2.doing 3.pronunciation

4.patience 5.quickly 6. ability7. interested

8. actively 9. to solve 10. listening 11. working

12. playing 13. wisely 14. patient 15. to review

16.making 17.to learn 18.meaning 19.loudly

20.called,Decisions 21. personal 22.better

23. feeling 24. requiring 25. lying 26. really

27. friendly 28. dead 29. kindness 30.widely

31.made 32.postmen 33.meeting 34.grown

35. finding 36. covered 37. to get 38. beauty

39. happiness 40.strangers 41.shyness

42.speeches 43.helpful 44.introduction

45.impolite 46. speaker 47.grapes 48. to park

49. central 50. to follow 51. direct 52. crowded

53. are 54.Normally 55.having





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